Alaska Winter Vacations, Travel Packages

Alaska winter Vacations with Alaska’s Heritage Lodge in Willow, Alaska

When to visit Alaska in the Winter and things you should do and see

Want to be adventurous and visit Alaska in the Winter season? Our Winter Journeys included Snowmobile tours, Dog sled Tours, Northern Lights Viewing,  Getting up close to Wildlife. Learning about the Iditarod The Mushers and the sled dogs they raise and train. Winter relaxation by a warm fire at the end of the day.

If you are looking to see Alaska through the eyes and activities of those who call this Great Place home, then you have definitely found the perfect place!

Have you been taking vacations from a bus, being let out and then herded back on like cattle?  Are you ready to get off the bus?! Then you need to contact us right now and book your next vacation!

Do you find yourself working so hard planning the vacation you need a vacation from the planning of it? Seriously, call us now. Everything you want to see and do can be done right from Alaska’s Heritage Lodge!

If you think you’re ready to go to the heart of recreation in Willow Alaska and tag along with some amazing adventures, summer or winter, then all you must do is contact us and get your vacation package scheduled. 


Activities That May be Included:

Visit Earth Quake Park (named for our 1964 earthquake) |Lunch at Snow City Café or Anchorage Brew House (depending on flight times) |Musk Ox Farm | Reindeer Farm | Iditarod Headquarters, Museum, and Gift Shop | Tour and Trekking Matanuska Glacier | Noisy Goose / Turkey Red/or other Local Owned Eatery | Shop at Cubbies or Three Bears – Locally Owned Grocery and Liquor Store | Snowmachine on Local Trails (max 300# limit on snowmachines) | Snowmachine to Locally Owned Island Restaurant |  Snowshoeing/Cross Country Skiing on Groomed Trails | Visit a Musher’s Kennel | Dog Sled Tour | Flight Seeing Tour of Denali with Possible Glacier Landing | Photo Op/Eco Touring/Wildlife Viewing (they are wild – no guarantees) | Ride the Alaskan Railroad Train One Way to/from Anchorage/Talkeetna (depending on flight times) | Lunch in Historic Downtown Talkeetna | Camp Fires & S’mores | Aurora Borealis – Northern Lights Viewing (when possible) | Board Games, Card Games |Talkeetna Pie Making Class | Charter Flight One Way to/from Anchorage/Willow with Lake Landing |