FAQ's For Alaska's Heritage Lodge

Things you can expect while on your Alaska vacation with us

Why the 3 night minimum stay?

There is a great explanation for this. After 3 or 4 days or longer, it is amazing to see how settled in and at ease everyone becomes.  Interacting as a family, and with other guests, playing games, sitting around the campfire, and outings fill the weekly program which come to a logical conclusion after 3 or more days. The memories and emotions this time creates cannot be described. Then no one wants to leave, and as a result, lives are changed forever.


Why the no child policy?

We assure you it is not because we don't like kids! We raised two of our own. After 20 years in the hospitality industry, and talking with hundreds of our guests, we have decided to make this an across the board an adult only lodging experience. This is your opportunity to leave the kids, or grandkids at home, come and enjoy what true rest and relaxation means. By popular demand, welcome to Alaska's only adult only lodge!


What about fishing?

Fishing in our area is fantastic! We like to say, there is fishing, and there is catching. If you want to fish you can do that on your own at any number of rivers and streams nearby. Just keep in mind lots of other people will likely be doing the same thing. If you want o CATCH fish we highly recommend hiring a guide. We can help with that if you would like us too.


Can we go white water rafting?

Yes! There are a few Rafting companies nearby that can take you on a white water rafting tour. We can help you get lined out with them if you want to do this activity.

Are you open year round?

Yes. We operate year round. We have winter vacation packages. Also Iditarod vacation packages. Winter here on the lake is magical! All the snow, the northern lights etc. The quiet, the solitude, and the incredible scenery. Its just breath taking.

Where is the best place to fly into?

You will fly into Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage. You will need to rent a car. We are a 2 hour drive from the airport to our Lodge in Willow.


How far are you from Denali National Park?

We are approximately a 3 hour drive from the entrance to Denali Park. We have a lot of guests that get up early in the morning, drive to the park, do a bus tour, then make it back late that night. It is possible to do in a day. We also recommend going to Talkeetna for a day. You are closer to Denali there than you are on a tour through the park. Talkeetna is a 35 minute drive from us. There are tons of things to do there and we recommend spending a day during your vacation here in Talkeetna.

Are there planned activities?

Yes! What usually happens is our guest leave after a hearty breakfast (if you purchased the meals option) in the morning and go on an all day adventure off the grounds. Example. An all day hike up at Hatcher Pass. The fun starts after everyone comes back. Then we start the corn hole wars. Horse shoes, volley ball, the singing around the campfire. And one of the most popular things we do here. People LOVE this activity! A guided tour of the lake on our amazing floating dock. The laughter and fun can go into the early morning hours. Keep in mind. Its light 24/7 here in the summer time!


What about smoking?

We used to allow smoking. Because of recent laws, smoking can mean cigarettes, vaping, and marijuana. So we have now become an across the board no smoking venue. Smoking is no longer allowed anywhere on this property.


Can I consume alcoholic beverages at Alaska's Heritage Lodge?

We do not sell or serve alcohol. You are welcome to bring your own alcohol and enjoy it on the grounds or in the lodge as long as your are respectful. However, we are not a party lodge. Loud belligerent behavior or late night parties will not be tolerated.

Does your rate include all meals?

No. You can stay here without buying a meals package. But you will be on your own for all your own meals off site. We highly recommend purchasing a meals package!

Are their TV’s in the rooms?

No. Other than free wireless internet we are an unplugged property. You will be amazed at how quickly you forget about TV. We encourage families and our guests, to get outside, enjoy the great mountain air, get some exercise, talk to each other, build on your relationships, create new friendships, renew old ones. Join us around the campfire, laugh, maybe cry a bit. After a day like this you will sleep like you never thought possible. After your week here you will wonder why you ever had a TV.


Is there a phone in every room?

No, there are no phones in the rooms. We want you to truly get away from it all. We have limited cell signal here. We can show you where on the property you can go to access it.

Is there internet access?

Yes, we have free wireless internet here. We understand that some people will still need to work and conduct business while they are here. We hope you can get away from the stress of ever day life as much as possible.


How do your rates compare with other Alaska Family Vacations?

We wanted to do things different here at Alaska's Heritage Lodge. Other touring and vacation companies charge you several thousand dollars for a vacation and that's per person. Then they herd you onto a shuttle bus and drive you around to see and do lots of activities. The problem is this. Maybe there is 5-6 people in your group that didn't want to go that day. But felt obligated to because they paid a lot of money for the tour. A lot of people that stay with us find our place is destination enough, and they never leave the property the entire time they are here. We decided NOT to include any off grounds activities or tours in our packages. It saves you thousands of dollars, then people can pick and choose and only pay for the adventures they want to go on, or simply not choose to go anywhere and just spend their time relaxing here. Our cost to you covers your lodging, all activities on the grounds, fun, laughter and memories that will last a lifetime.